The Bedside Detective (2007) DVDrip

The Bedside Detective (2007) DVDrip
Thai: สายลับจับบ้านเล็ (Sailap jap baan lek)
Release Date: August 23, 2007
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Director: Komgrit Triwimol
Stars: Sunny Suwanmethanon, Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri, Panissara Phimpru
Runtime: 120 min.
Quality: DVDrip High Quality
Synopsis :
Jock, the apprentice detective whose special gadgets are created using household items, has been hired to spy on an old married guy and his new beautifully young gold-digging girlfriend. While trying to collect evidence, it is love at first sight for Jock as he focuses in on his targets with his binoculars. He cant help to think “.. damn, What a fox!”
The fact that the girl has two patrons is no surprised to Jock that she also has two detectives investigating her too. Jock–the detective who’s falling head over heels for the girl–is one and another is the ruthless Suthin who tries to blackmail his targets by threatening to release photos of their affairs to public if they not pay him money. How will Jock survive as a private eye if he is always breaking the rules or will the bizarre love quadrangle have a happy ending?!
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The Bedside Detective
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